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26 Sep 2022 at 21:59 Les nouilles etaient bonnes mais je n'ai pas goûté du tout le coco. Portions généreuses
11 Aug 2022 at 21:46 Pad thai was not good at all. It has little to do with the real Pad Thai recipe.
9 Aug 2022 at 21:54 Snelle levering, grote porties, lekker gekruid!
25 Jun 2022 at 22:26 This place is our neighbourhood go to for Thai food. The 2 soups were huge and tasty. 2 portions are enough for 4 people.
23 May 2022 at 21:38 La moitié de mes plats etait renversé. Plus jamais. Honteux
2 Dec 2021 at 14:40 C'etait délicieux. Le livreur était très gentil.
13 Nov 2021 at 15:15 Terrible Pad Thai, it was more of Chinese stir fried noodles with a not so recognizable sauce that tasked like vomit. I threw half of it in the trash. Never again
22 Oct 2021 at 14:24 delicious, as always :-)
23 Apr 2021 at 15:34 perfect.
9 Apr 2021 at 20:36 Le pad Thai est tout simplement dégueulasse. Des pâtes avec de la sauce tomates acide. Rien à voir avec la vrai recette.